About us

At Telematik, our mission is to empower the “car experience”, we help people and businesses get the most of their “driving” data.
Telematik is developing and providing telematics solutions. Range of services includes fleet management and UBI solutions.
Telematik is based in Zaghouan, Tunisia; we build products to help businesses enhance their fleet management and people to drive better.



Fleetium is a fast, simple and reliable web and mobile apps to manage fleets of cars, trucks and containers.
Fleetium is engineered with managers and fleet owners in mind to help them get the most of their fleet data in realtime.
Dashbords, reports and alerts will keep you in control of your precious assets.
Fleetium is your startup alternative to Tomtom Lite and much cheaper.

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Our Great Team

Fayssal JILANI



Fayssal is the founder of Telematik; he held various leadership positions since 2006.
Fayssal is laureate of Réseau Entreprendre Tunisia since March 2013. Fayssal holds a degree in entrepreneurship and management at ISG Tunis and a Master of Entrepreneurship at ESC Tunis.
Fayssal is 36, Entrepreneur, Husband, Father and F1 Addict.


Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Mohamed has several years of experience in sales management at companies in Tunisia and France, as well as 2 years experience in product management.
Mohamed holds a Degree in Telecommunication.
Mohamed is 31, an ultimate traveler and fan of football.

Khaled GARY



Khaled is software engineer and has a huge interest in app development,
he bought his experience to help develop the Telematik’s products portfolio.
Khaled graduated from High Institute of Computer Science and hold a degree in software engineering.

Noureddine Belhadj OTHOMAN



Nour’s background is composed of more than 5 years in web development arena. Basically in JS, HTML,
Nour is 28 and holds a Degree in Information Technology.


Univers Invest SICAR is a private equity fund established in 2001 and subsidiary of the Tunisian- Kuwaiti Bank “BTK” part of BPCE Group - Banque Populaire Caisse d'Epargne.